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Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
Was this the first time this method was used in the TR series?
Deliberately? Maybe. Accidentally? I don't remember (this was discussed somewhere on TRF already), but I think they might have. And they definitely did too in TR4 (I remember Karnak), and I don't know about TR5.

Originally Posted by Gancian View Post
Quick question: How does the SET POSITION command work in the Animation Editor? (WadMerger, WadTool, you name it).
At first I thought that you needed to put Lara's pivot position of the next animation to teleport her there, but inspecting other animations (like the 2 click climb up) it looks like you need to put the offset to add\remove to Lara's current pivot position.
However, the actual numbers inserted by CORE don't seem to line up precisely... I'm not sure how to use the command...
It is an offset indeed, that is applied to her absolute position once the animation is finished. For example, if you put 0,0,1024, at the end she will be moved 1024 units forward (1 square). Getting up on a 2-clicks block means she has to move 512 units up, but also a bit forward (otherwise she'd just end up above where she started, in the empty, and would just fall down).
Where it is confusing is that there are some edge cases where the position you want her to move isn't really intuitive... mostly the animations where she's hanging to a ledge, because her vertical position is not fixed but calculated in real-time based on her collision box (why they did it like that I'm not really sure). So to climb up, she actually goes 735 units up (-735, because negative is upwards), assuming you're using regular animations (animation 96 frame 21 is what matters here, because that's the "animation" for her hanging still on a ledge). But the animation is split, so she only goes up, and then on the next animation she goes forward. Your best bet is just use original values as a basis, and then use trial and error for these annoying cases. But other cases should be easy to figure.
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