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Originally Posted by Mani_Man View Post
You know, i keep thinking about the platforming and i wonder if parkour/free running is the right thing.
Of course i love me a good free running gameplay and all...but how about just focusing on lara being more a gymnast?
Parkour etc speeds up the platforming, why not slowing it down?
You need to either way build the world around her being able to get past things.

You come to a jump and there are three differen variables, you can make the jump solid, you barely make it or you get past that in a different manner(be it going around it or use another mechanic)
So level design either way is built around the way lara platforms.

Why not completely focusing on a simpler method?
Have her be able to make bigger jumps with momentum, focus on momentum with platforming.
Yeah it forces the level design to be a bit more forced, but its either way forced because it all is in some way connected to help lara around.

I dont know, i love smooth and fast paced free running/parkour...but i keep thinking that a lot more slowed down platforming could also be nice.
One that has you keep thinking if you have enough momentum for a jump, takes out the fast pace a bit.
Originally Posted by Amunet View Post
I definitely want a more precise, focused on momentum platforming to return.

Now in terms of style, I'm not so sure I would want parkour. I think I'm inclined to agree with Mani_Man, I would prefer a return to a more gymnastics-based style. Less fast paced, more calculated.

Or maybe a combination of both? Like Lara will use parkour only if we're sprinting, but on normal speed, platforming is slower.

In any case, anything would be better than the sloppy, scrappy style we currently have.
You both are right, now I can see how we can be unsure about parkour. I definetly want a more precise and slow paced platforming. It's cool fluid and fast, but in that case we could end up with something like the balancing pole mechanic that Lara was barely touching in reboot, almost like a double jump... And I don't want that sort of thing again.
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