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I do like Carter, but he wasn't funny in this comic like he was in Temple.

One thing that kinda bothers me though... And oh yeah, spoilers ahead:

In part 3 when ponytail guy gets possessed by the prehistoric ghost he orders his men to lock Lara and Carter inside the vault. And why does Lara allow this to happen? Yeah she protests it, but has she forgotten that she still has her guns? How about aiming those at ponytail guys henchmen? Or shooting them if you must - it's the world that is at stake here, and it's not exactly like those men are nice guys just doing their jobs; they know their boss wants you to freeze to death in that vault.

Just letting yourself be locked up; that's not how Lara Bloody Croft would react. And that's not even the only thing; later they are rescued by one of the henchmen who then puts them in a jeep and leaves them behind in the desert. Okay, not only has the henchman confusing motives: rescuing them from one deathtrap just to leave them to die somewhere else, but again, why doesn't Lara act? Kick the guys butt, get back into the jeep, and drive off.

Wandering in the desert and suffering from thirst is more up to Treboot Lara's alley. And that is because this Lara Croft had the abilities to prevent that from happening.
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