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Default Suggestions

Here are some bugs and suggestions.feel free to comment and tell ur opinion

-Copying some slot behaviour to another slot, and replace its behaviour.
For example: Double Magnums in the Sixshooter slot by setting up the pistols behaviour for them.
-Allow Lara to swim in form of vertical circles underwater without changing the direction
-New enemies converted from old TR games:
Centaur (TR1),Dragon (TR2) and maybe some other venician baddies from TR2.
-a new add_effect script command:ADD_SPRITE
working like other addeffects,but you can specify the sprite number for the effect in the script command.
-Fix the flipeffect Lara Swap meshes:the new meshes werent remapped properly ingame,although it had been in strpix.
-Fix the "Retexture Object " tool in Ngcenter:
an error prevents it from continuing everytime you load a .dxf file.
-new feature for objects with shine:
instead of the old shine sprite, an object could be assigned a new sprite number.
in this way you could simulate the golden shotgun and silver mini smgs from TRA,each reflecting in another way (another sprite)
a syntax example:

Customize=CUST_SHINE,object slot,sprite number

a concrete example :

(where 15 is the number of the sprite)

-a script command which let the player to get several pickup items by going through them like in jump n run games(no animation,no key pressed)

syntax example:

Customize=CUST_PICKUP,object slots (divided by +),

a concrete example:


-enabling of a trigger animation for the rope,so a grapling gun would be possible in TRLE

-raising the numbers of ropes possible in a level.

-changing the length of the rope for a specific object ingame.also enable changing the sprite used for a specific rope

syntax example:

Customize=CUST_ROPE,Object Id in map,Rope length in blocks,sprite number

concrete example:


-2 new Condition Parameters in NGLE:
Effect: The object (x)has been assigned an (y) addeffect.

Effect: The object (x)hasnt been assigned yet an addeffect.

-Enable the using of the mouse

syntax example:

Customize:CUST_MOUSE,mouse flags,leftclickgamecommand,rightclickgamecommand,

the flags could be:
MF_ROTATE_CAMERA enable dynamic rotating of the camera with the mouse

MF_SCROLL_WEAPONS enable changing of weapons with the mouse wheel
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