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Originally Posted by iheartibuki View Post
Hey guys I have a noob question. I'm trying to use one of the DMC4 stages released by Runa and am having issues with having my models stand up on the platform. Basically lowering the stage and raising the models only makes their heads hit the bottom of the platform in XNALara.

I opened up the OBJ in Blender, moved the Z coordinates and saved it. I didn't delete any groups. But when I load it in XNALara, I get an "Invalid face: missing normal index (line 396)" error. I found a similar question here on TRF though it wasn't answered, and it was asked a few months ago. Hopefully someone already found a solution. Thanks in advance.
You can do another thing - select the root bone and switch to "move mode" then add a higher number for the Y axis in the box below (depends how high you want it, or with - in front for lowering)
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