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Originally Posted by KIKO View Post
Did you notice the stamina bar in that video? It has a grey color.
And what's more, it fills up not just when sprinting but while she's walking around and using ladders. Maybe it wasn't tuned up at the stage but who knows...

Also notice how Lara turns her head to look at things, maybe items too.
That grey bar could be her endurance, the reddish bar is her stamina.

Originally Posted by red_lion View Post
Where did you see it in the video?
bottom right corner, from 30sec to 37sec.

Originally Posted by red_lion View Post
At 1:33 I see on a desktop corner "Time is running out"
and lots of smilies
At 0:23 I - think I - see the sanatorium with rooms that are not there.
At 0:25 I see an unknown room, it looks like the Monstrum Crime Scene in the lower section of Vasily's place
At 0:59 I see the Biodome without bars so Lara can walk freely through the plants and no sign of Muller (not to mistaken by Mulder)
At 1:09 Janice not in her place in the retail version.
1. That sticker -as of now- is just a painful reminder for me...
2. That's the maximum containment area, with the Proto's pod in the middle. It's a shame, the video's quality isn't very good at some points...
3. That's a very early WIP version of Strahov's loading bay.
4. We don't know much about the alpha/beta biodome sadly... Muller could have escaped or was not implemented yet.
5. She was supposed to changing place between the hotel and the disco...also, she may have not been implemented at that stage.

Originally Posted by red_lion View Post
At 0:03 the STRAHOVA with the cool gun pointing at Lara. I did not have seen him before or that scene.
You did see this.

That's a shot from the Louvre, just after the mercenaries rappelled down. The next shot is gunderson approaching the merc while saying : 'Maintain radio silence'
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