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But, then a question - these updates are clearly after 01-05-2020, so aren't these added yet?

Originally Posted by ChocolateFan View Post

New patches:
  • Shotgun ammo parameters
  • Disable manual aiming
Originally Posted by ChocolateFan View Post
Latest version:

New patches:
  • Enhance torch flame

Shotgun ammo parameters patch cannot be applied alone. Because the inventory still divides ammo by 6, and new ammo you pick up still is multiplied by 6.

If you are using the Classic Inventory plugin, it is very easy to fix this, just set desired parameters in CUST_CINV_ITEM_QUANTITY. But if for whatever reason you want the flat inventory, you will have to check Inventory Customizer - Shotgun 6x Divider OFF patch, and tweak pickup quantities in CUST_AMMO.

And I don't want to be offtopic, if this conversation goes longer, then please let's continue in that FLEP thread.
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