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Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
What are you playing on? I'm on PC and I can't say I've had any bugs with animations/collision. I do recall once or twice the loading did seem to take much longer than other times, but it hasn't happened enough to really be an annoyance.
Playing on PS4. There were times where there'd be some button delays and serious framerate drops but I can't tell if it's my system getting older or the game itself, I've just never had those issues before.

Nonetheless I completed the game last night and overall it was a really fun game, potentially my favorite Star Wars game after KOTOR 1 and 2 & the Lego Saga. Cal and BD-1 are a really awesome pair and I hope we get to see more of them I just don't want them to suffer the Rogue One fate...I'd much rather see them recluse on another planet...they're too good to die like that! /spoiler

Happy EA made a full single-player experience that has some good heart to it. I'll take 10 of these before we get another multiplayer game.
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