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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
It is possible in a very roundabout way!

This is what I did to accomplish it:

Opened a level wad in WADTool and imported the animations into the Lara object, saved and exited
Opened TE and loaded the WAD2 file I was just working with in WADTool. Complied the level and exited
Open the compiled .TR4 file in FexAnim and exported the new animations to .ms3d
(This is where it gets weird) Loaded a different .tr4 file in FexAnim. In my case I used the stock angkor.tr4 file that comes bundled with the editor. Then I imported the .ms3d animations into the LARA object. Saved and exited
Opened WADMerger and used the Load TR level option to load the updated angkor.tr4 file
Went to the LARA object, found the imported animations and exported to TRW

WADMerger can't rip WADs from TE complied levels, hence the use of the untouched, WADMerger-friendly angkor.tr4 file. It adds and extra step, but in this fashion it's possible to back-port WADTool animations to WADMerger. I'll PM you the files so you don't have to go through this whole process Titak, but for future reference for everyone, here's a way to do it!
Got the animations you sent me to work properly.

They were not working properly at first: Lara was glitching out like crazy before ending up facing the opposite direction.
So I figured I'd have a look at the animations in 3D Max to see if anything was different from what I could see in WADMerger Animation Editor.
Turns out both animations had like a 100 extra frames in between the first consecutive frames and the last one, but these frames had no keys assigned.
So I moved the last key to the end of the consecutive frames and deleted all the empty ones, ending up with the proper number of frames (and keys).
That made the animations work.

Great animations!
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