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Originally Posted by not again! View Post
I've tried to adapt the above workflow for WadBlender in the following manner:

- import model into Blender using the Chose Object option (without animations)
- apply all transforms and the armature modifier
- delete armature
- snap all meshes to the center of the grid (as shown in the video)
- export as obj

I guess it's not a desperate issue, since there is a (mostly) working method for Blender users to modify enemy models, but it certainly would be a lot more convenient if we could utilize WadBlender instead.
I see, WadTool just read the meshes in the obj file. The skeleton is specified in the mesh tree editor and must be changed inside WadTool movable editor. That's how TRLE works, so I should write something that converts the Blender skeleton into a wad file. If I come up with something, I would like to do it.

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