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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
That's exactly what it makes you. You are already implying that by supporting the franchise since the beginning you're entitled to more than the people who were not present. The sentiment that you're better/more worthy because of that is incredible entitled.
I think in some respects the sentiment is right. There may be some fans who have casually bought one game. Others have bought TR products and put money into TR over many years growing the brand and sustaining it over difficult patches. Whilst I am not saying it should be the determining factor there, the loyalty the long-term fans have shown should assign a value beyond mere that counts as 1 TR player. It's about showing that loyalty back not assuming devotion. This is exactly what the bad attitude to duals and outfits has done - taken all the long-term fan loyalty for granted.

Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
There needs to be a middle ground in all cases and the devs and the studio need to better balance the franchise by giving us new and exciting mechanics, new stories, new layers to the character, etc, while also trying to give long time fans some cool nods, classic outfits and updated mechanics that would fit the current vision and that would also attract new costumers.

I truly feel like the Reboot era has been great so far (specially in the gameplay department) and I get the feeling that some more nods to the classics (like modernized outfits instead of tribal ones), a little more sarcastic humor for Lara and a more recognizable look (duals and a backpack) would've made the most vicious haters be more positive about it, because honestly, the gameplay has been really good, and the puzzles and tombs, specially in Shadow are top notch.
I agree with you on the gameplay and SOTTR's tombs. I think Shadow's gameplay is the best since the original 3 games and for me that is a huge thing to say. On the nods however, they have done the minimum amount - 5 seconds gameplay with the duals, halfway towards classic outfit, barely anywhere towards the humour. At least they did the manor but overall it's not enough now we are 3 games down the line. I feel the gameplay is good but the way the iconography has been dealt with means I could never think of the reboot as being a great TR era. IWANEX I think you are pretty spot on though about what they need to do.
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