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Arrow In Spyro, rate the creatures from your favourite to least favourite

I was watching a speedrun for Spyro Year Of The Dragon; the only PS1 Spyro game that I've played. As well as playing as Spyro, there are other creatures that you are able to play as: Sheila the kangaroo, Sargent Bird the flying penguin, Bentley the yeti, and Agent 9 the Monkey. Excluding Spyro, how would you rate those four creatures from your favourite to least favourite?

For me, it would probably go:
1) Sargent Bird (I like the fact that he can fly and his missiles seem to be pretty effective.)
2) Sheila (I like the fact that she can jump high and her attacks seem to be decent.)
3) Agent 9 (His gun is what's saved him from coming last.)
4) Bentley (I admire his strength, but his slow speed and inability to jump very high are the reasons why he's come last.)

Having not played the other Spyro games, I don't know if there are other creatures that you can play as within other Spyro games. However, this thread is not exclusive to Spyro Year Of The Dragon; you can rate other creatures from other Spyro games, if there are any. Don't compare creatures from one Spyro game to creatures from a different Spyro game; only compare the creatures to other creatures within the same Spyro game.
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