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I love Spyro 3! Itís my favorite

1: Bentley. I love his levels, his size, the ice club, and his cute little brother yeti that he has to save a couple of times. I donít like that fighting/boxing mini game though. Itís the only thing I donít enjoy about his levels.

2: Shelia. I like her levels and sheís got a simple move set that I feel they did a great job at platforming with. Double jumping and super hop to get to places, bashing walls out, and thereís something satisfying about kicking a Rhynoc off a cliff

3: Sgt Byrd. I like the rockets and thatís about it. I think the flying controls couldíve been better but after all.. he is a penguin so I should just be happy he can fly at all. I like his levels but since he can fly it opens everything up and it takes ages to find all the gems, eggs, enemies, and pieces of the skeleton man for that caveman. If his levels were smaller Iíd enjoy him a bit more.

4: Agent 9. I like the gun and being able to shoot with precision and over long distances. Thatís it. I donít like how he controls and when I was a kid his levels were so hard to do, especially the first person stuff. Itís just constant trial and error and memorizing where the enemies will come from when you enter a new room. Itís like the TR3 Mine cart. Youíre not given a map, so itís constantly dying and reloading until you get it right. Frustrating.
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