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Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
People are reporting that the Xbox Version got a FPS Boost in the 4k Mode for Series S/X. Which means High Resolution Mode with 60 GPS instead of 30.
Yup, Xbox added it to its list of FPS boost games yesterday along with TR: DE and it works great! I had actually started a playthrough recently-ish in High framerate mode for the first time, but now I can have Graphic mode and 60 FPS and I'm loving it. Played a little bit of TR: DE and can say it now say this will be my preferred console to play through that game on with Auto-HDR and FPS boost. Now if only it got a resolution boost as well since it's only running at about 900p.

It is a little strange that Rise, a game that was originally published/funded by Microsoft, does not have this FPS boost option when the first and third games now have it. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that there are 3 graphics modes or if something else is coming to Rise.

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