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Originally Posted by mileylover04 View Post
Yup, Xbox added it to its list of FPS boost games yesterday along with TRE and it works great! I had actually started a playthrough recently-ish in High framerate mode for the first time, but now I can have Graphic mode and 60 FPS and I'm loving it. Played a little bit of TRE and can say it now say this will be my preferred console to play through that game on with Auto-HDR and FPS boost. Now if only it got a resolution boost as well since it's only running at about 900p.

It is a little strange that Rise, a game that was originally published/funded by Microsoft, does not have this FPS boost option when the first and third games now have it. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that there are 3 graphics modes or if something else is coming to Rise.
Whaaaat? I never would've thought that TR2013DE would get any further updates, especially not the Xbox One version! Did they only increase the frame rate or also improve graphical quality? IIRC the Xbox One version is missing some graphical features that are present in the PS4 version.
Is joke! Or is?
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