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Default Importing sounds to Last Revelation (or changing them)

Hello guys, good morning

Could anyone please help me out here? I'm desesperated.

I've changed some sounds on karnak.was and converted it to the karnak.tr4 level on TRLE'S directory. I was doing great so far.

But now, I'm trying to import the sounds contained in the karnak.tr4 file to Last Revelation actual levels that also carry the .tr4 extension. I've already tried the following:

1. I can't do that with TRViewer. The "Sounds" tab is the only tab unable to be exported to a file.

2. I can't simply copy and paste the sounds that I want to change because the "audio" folder from TR4'd directory contains only the music and dialogs. The audios are stores within the levels.

3. I tried to use SFX Manager but it just won't open for me. It keeps showing me the error message "The language DLL 'VB6FR.DLL' could not be found" although I have already placed the file in SFX's directory and also in system32.

Could somebody PLEASE help me? I worked really really hard on a TR4 Modding Project that I have going on, and I really didn't want this issue to be a block for this.

Here is how I'm trying to make TR4 sound like:

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