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Yup, downloaded the latest version. I only did that yesterday, so maybe tomorrow I'll check and see if the 10 textures are loading then.

As for the ._dds file in the dumps forder... I dunno, I'll check it out and get back to you. I think so at least. I remember doing a lot of trial and error with this, so I'll have to see.

Where exactly do I find that out of video memory message? wouldn't doubt it as my laptop is kinda crappy.

Also, no I didn't even touch the samples numbers, as I did not know what those are/do. They are at the default "4" (if I'm not mistaken). How and why do I use them?

And hmmm, didn't know about that texture renaming thing. I had tried that once but it didn't work, but I'm sure there was a ._dds file in folder so that1s why. And this might sound like a stupid question but, if I DO rename the textures in both folders, do I have to compile the textures straight away or do I just do it after the modded tex are 100% finished?

Sorry for pestering you with all of this, I don't mean to nuisance
PS: I'll be sure to report any bugs I might find in this thread, since I don't know a thing or two about programming or anything like that, bug testing and report is a small way I can contribute, so I'm happy so help, even if it is not very much

Seems like the 10 tex limit bug is gone, yay! And also, renaming does work, just like you said.
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