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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
We already got stuff like the Bikini comment.

I'd also argue the games themselves count.
And a whole lot of other stuff too... They have been condescending so many times. Remember during the Rise's exclusivity deal when they told PS4 users they could go play the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition when they specifically asked about Rise. It's like they didn't give af about anything, just their money.

Good point. The games themselves count.

Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
Straight up, I would have preferred a response like this instead of what they gave us. It would have been nice to have complete transparency and honesty instead of practically beating around the bush like they always do.
Me too. I'd take it any day over the obvious crap they keep feeding us. They have become completely untrustworthy. Well, they have been like that for a while now.

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