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Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
The absence of at least TR1, a game which pretty much popularized the Playstation brand and made it what it is was the most baffling omission.
Its glaring omission (along with a few other titles like Crash Bandicoot etc) is weird indeed.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there were some leaks that showed TR1 as well as a few other games were originally intended to be included with the Playstation Classic, but for some reason weren't in the final version.

Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
The main benefit over an actual PS/PSOne/PS2 is the HDMI output and the fact is that the good games on it just about justify the cost now it has been reduced ie. if bought from the PSN store or original discs they would cost you more. So it does have some raison d'etre unless you already own a PS3.
A quite decent alternative, provided you already own the game discs of course, is playing them through a PS1 emulator (for example ePSXe for Android/Windows). This enables rendering the games at a higher resolution than what you get from PS1/PS2/PS3/PSVita. I particularly recommed this if playing on a large modern display.
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