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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
Oooh no please don't! It's an affront to the first movie and it's just a horrible experience all around. It's like a bad fan made parody. And I mean it, there's no exaggeration here at all.

A bad movie, a terrible sequel and an even worse waste of time.

I really wish I hadn't watched it, as all it does is damage the first movie's overall impression. It feels cheapened somehow.

It's not even worth a watch out of curiosity, seriously.
Ok this sounds much worse than I thought! So I'm going to take the fact that it was never published in Italy as a "divine" sign and I'm not going to watch it

To be honest I've only watched a random clip on YouTube in which they had to cut a man's arm with the axe because he was about to fall and he would have made Sarah fall since they were linked.
I mean, it wasn't bad but it was just a couple of minutes without context so I can't really have an opinion of it.
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