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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
In respect to Naughty Dog...

I don't think there's a good comparison to be drawn here between Shadow and TLOU Part 2. I am of the unpopular opinion that Shadow did not lack polish, but rather it never set out to be an evolution of the TR series - it was just derivative and therefore somewhat boring.

Unlike TR, The Last of Us was built as a standalone title. The TR reboot was always going to be a series (later turned "origins trilogy"). TR has a pretty predictable timeline, going all the way back to the original Core games. First TR game is a smash hit. Gets 4 sequels. It's gotten boring by 5th title. 6th title is botched, series shifts to Crystal. First Crystal TR is a smash hit. Gets 2 sequels. Starts to get boring by 3rd title. Series is rebooted. First reboot game is a smash hit. Gets 2 sequels. Starts to get boring by the 3rd title.

So the OG series was dragged out into 5 games, but honestly it was boring by game 3 (objectively).

Would an additional 6 months have brought Shadow from boring-3rd-game level to generational-jump-smash-hit level? No. TR games come out on a predictable schedule until they get boring. Instead of following a strict release schedule, maybe TR should take a page from Naughty Dog's (recent) book and only release a new title when there's enough new ideas, a story worth telling, and the right technology to make those new ideas a reality. We're not going to get generation-jump smash hits on a 2-year release schedule.

TL;DR: More development time would be nice, but if we want a big evolution between each TR game it's going to take a completely different approach in the way the sequels are developed.
I agree. I'm more than fine with getting a TR game every 5+ years (as opposed to 2-3) if it means that each title will be memorable.
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