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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
Outside of awards and such, TR2013 was hugely popular among my friends and coworkers. Most of them were not previous TR fans and hadn't played TR since the classics. IDK if it deserved more attention from the media, but it was definitely praised by the gaming audience, and that says more to me than anything. It sold like, 3 million copies in a month, right? That's incredible.

Like Tomb Raidering said, I think the game would have a better legacy if the sequels had been better. They were good games, but just more of the same.
I remember my friends in highschool would always joke me around because I was playing Tomb Raider and they thought those were really lame games.

Until Tomb Raider 2013 came out. They really liked it and even told me "I might even buy that game, it looks really cool".

So yes, it was definitely a necessary and good move to reboot the series.
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