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Originally Posted by Sir Launcelot View Post
A very short burst from the rifle to the body ought to just kill. Instead its like "pew pew pew!" and the Solarii goes "owwwww!" and then gets back up to come and kill you anyway.

Grenades are also annoying. They bounce. That type of grenade is not supposed to bounce. It should go off when it hits anything.

Also, if the code is in there for Lara to throw things, as you can see it is in some of the puzzles, why can't she have fire bombs like the Solarii, or maybe even hand thrown grenades that would be more realistic?
Don't the grenades still detonate on impact? I don't recall them bouncing, then again I also direct-fired them onto people so maybe they bounce if they don't hit anyone.

I could honestly control the rifle easily even with it's exaggerated kick and once I got upgrades I got lots of headshots, not because I'm particually good, the AI just pops up/down from the same spots and the generous zoom when aiming makes headshots great even for people like me who like sniping but roughly 70 precent of their sniper shots in TF2 are body-shots/misses.

By the time enemies had helmets I had enough recoil reduction attachments it was a non-issue, click, wait a split-second, click again for a kill, let go of mouse so I don't die, rinse repeat.
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