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Originally Posted by Topixtor View Post
Now that's very strange, but I don't know if, in the PS1 cd, audio tracks and sfx are separated (like in the pc version) or if they share the same format;

if their format is different, I really can't understand how could this happen because those whispering voices could be the Xian bgm or the Xian cutscene where Bartoli speaks backwards but I can't think about any voices or whisperings in the sfx apart from a couple of breathing, laughing, dieing sounds;

the closest thing would be the monks voiclines played one after another, but since your memories are of course vague we will never be sure I suppose

There is also a good chance the bug was caused by the emulator.
Also, I dont remember if it was pc version or ps1 version emulated, there's no chance the pc version could bug in that way?
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