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Originally Posted by Quebsenuef View Post
Are these articles backed up with legit sources?
Bc this could just be that BS sensational news stories to get people to click and read some garbage article about how broccoli is causing cancer and all sorts of mumbo jumbo. I think scientists are still finding out new things about foods and whether or not they're truly good for you. When I was a kid in school the food pyramid seriously had eggs in the dairy section so when I changed my diet recently to dairy free for health reasons I thought "welp, can't have eggs anymore!" when no, the information I learned as a boy almost 20 years ago was wrong and that eggs are not dairy. Now it just seems so obvious to me hahaha
How could you think eggs are dairy, your ignorant teachers aside? They come out of a chicken, not out of a cow.

A lot of this "eat this, not that" stuff along with the vitamin industry is designed to make money off of the neuroses of vulnerable people. You can ignore it. Eat some bacon. With hollandaise sauce.
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