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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Footstep plugin - to finally make itplay sounds properly. For now whenever Lara steps the engine plays general footstep sound + texture-specific one. The second one doesn't play sometimes though, so you cannot just make general footstep sound silent. It would be great to make the engine play texture-specific sounds only unless there's no sound attached to the texture.
There will be no fix for this precisely and the reason is simple: there is NO problem in the way it is handled currently (well, almost). The engine plays the generic footstep sound because there's a Play Sound command each time in the animations instead of having only the Play Effect command (that plays the correct sound effect). It seems Core was lazy when implementing this in TR3 and didn't want to bother removing all the Play Sound commands... so they kept them.
And because of this: as the default sound is stone, the Play Effect command won't play any sound when Lara is on stone because there is already the Play Sound command that will play that sound. A simple hack Core used, again because of laziness.

As a solution you can remove all your Play Sound commands that play the LARA_FOOT sound, and add the Play Effect command that plays the Footstep sound everywhere it is missing. It is long, Core should have done that themselves instead of being lazy, but this is the only proper way...

What would be useful though on that side, would be to restore the Stone sound when PlayEffect command is triggered while Lara is on floor. And why not have all these other texture sounds working. Ohh yeah, I think that will be one of my priorities when I'm able to do it.
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