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How do you mean?
There's 8 planned levels, in the original there's 18. But even then, you have to chose one base level, that will determine what you can/can't do more than the level order.

By the way, i have made that underwater segment in another way that pleases me, i like how it is now.
Today i did the following segment which takes place inside a big warehouse and love how that has turned out. Now i have to do 2 more level paths and then the layout will be finished, save for the roofs/uppermost part and i need to vertically divide the initial segment that i showed on those screens. So i'm 70-something % done.

Edit: Oh, now that i think of it, the way i have done the layout makes it possible for me to texture and light what i have before finishing everything, so you will see some screenshots sooner.
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