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-Huge hub rooms you either ascend or descend throughout the level.
-"sneak peaks" of upcoming rooms through gates, high windows, etc.
-Underwater sections. Probably an unpopular opinion, I find swimming in TR oddly satisfying
-Tight timed runs, but not crazy. 3-4 tries at most.

-Classic textures/music/etc. A lot of new levels look too "glossy" to me, it has an uncanny valley quality.


-Fire puzzles/traps. I've never liked the logic of Lara busting into flames by grazing a fire tile.
-Razor thin jumps. If I have to reload a hundred times, I'm bored.
-Generally anything that gets its "challenge" by exploiting a weakness in the TRLE. Lara would be able to climb through that mid-wall crawlspace IRL, it breaks the immersion.
-Switches with no indication of what they do.

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