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  • Tomb Raider Chronicles soundtrack
  • Big places to explore
  • Long and quite (a lot) challenging games (Such as QRS's Egypt and Beyond the complete adventure)
  • Cut Scenes
  • Nice developed story (Titak's Himalayan Misteries, Mist of Avalon; Max's Ancient Artifact I and II)
  • Tomb Raider Chronicles and Angel of Darkness sfx
  • Snowy levels
  • Castle levels (Such as Maxx's Nethermore castle)
  • Jungle levels

  • Almost everything from Tomb Raider The Last Revelation (Especially soundtrack)
  • Dogs and Wolves as enemies (I'm a Wolves-lover, I just can't kill them)
  • Egyptian Levels
  • Levels with no story behind them
  • endless pushable sequences

  • Tomb Raider Reboot or ROTTR sfx (I just love them!)
  • Multiple endings based on the player's chooses
  • Map in level (I know there's a way to do that thanks to a tutorial by AkyV)
  • Subtitles during dialogues or cutscenes
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