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Originally Posted by MontyTRC View Post
Here I am with some news for you

Main concept
This project was born as a side project, just for fun, then it became a really complex and complete project. Why I'm using TR5 instead of TR3? Apart legal considerations, TR5 has some modern effects lacking from TR3, some interesting enemies and traps, the engine itself is more modern than TR3.

Enemies and traps
After weeks of decompilation, I've implemented those enemies and traps:
  1. TR1: Wolf, Bear, Ape
  2. TR2: Barracuda, Shark,Spinning blade, Killer statue, Springboard, Mouse
  3. TR3: Tiger, Cobra, Raptor, Tyrannosaur, Scuba diver, Eagle, Crow, Tribesman with ax, Tribesman with darts, Spikey wall, Quad
  4. TR4: Wild board, Small scorpion, Big scorpion, Bat, Baddy 1, Baddy 2, SAS, Mummy, Four blades floor, Four blades ceiling, Catwalk blade, Plinth blade, Seth blade, Chain, Plough, Cog, Spikey ball, Skeleton
More are coming

LUA is officially part of TR5Main. I've added a new trigger, called LUA_SCRIPT, that can execute complex pieces of LUA code inserted directly inside Tomb Editor. Additionally, each item and level will have events (onCreate, onControl, onDeath) for complex actions and puzzles. Also the script.dat and english.dat files are trashed, replaced by LUA scripts.

Currently almost 80% of the renderer is rewritten. I'm using a deferred rendering approach capable of handling many lights at good framerate. The new renderer is fully DX9.

Lwmte has rewritten the sound sybsystem, now we are using bass.dll and we have full reverberation support finally
Nice! It seems TR5Main is aiming to be the ultimate TR engine for custom levels!

Just a question: I'm assuming the TR2 and 3 enemies and objects came from the leaked source code, but was that useful for finding the sections of code in the other games?
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