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Funnily enough, they paid just as much as sitting at a bar and buying coffee/something to drink there.

Not even kidding here, it occurred multiple times in the past that tourists were royally screwed over and faced with a sky-high bill to pay (we're talking hundres of euros) for something extremely cheap like coffee or bottles of water just because they were sitting in a famous landmark like Piazza San Marco.

**** that, this is absolutely unacceptable. Imagine being so disgustingly vile to the point of taking advantage of people that literally feed you and your family since all Venice relies upon is tourism. I will never condone this kind of behaviour, ever. If anything, it should be illegal instead of being endorsed and normalized by city itself.

So yeah, people who are smart enough or not rich enough to afford paying hundres of euros for a coffee or a sandwich to eat found other ways, and rightly so. Sadly, the city government found other ways too. This is not a good look, at all, especially when it's not the first time people who were visiting the city have been treated poorly.

Originally Posted by DragonSlayer View Post
4 Venice must be a city of curtain twitchers, neighbors probably spy on their neighbors and tourists so they can be reported for doing something and probably be rewarded for reporting someone, they are also probably a city of Ned Flanders wannabes going through TV shows to check for possible inappropriate content so they can make a fuss about it, like Ned did in one episode of The Simpsons.
You just described the entirety of Italy, to be honest. People seem unable to mind their own business no matter what, it's just commonplace to constantly gossip and report what other people do in many cases, particularly among older people, but it's a type of mindset that's kind of ingrained in the country's culture so it has spread far and wide.

I mean, it's positive when it actually serves a purpose, like exposing people that engage in criminal activity. Calling the cops on a couple of tourists making coffee though just proves that you're a dick with no compassion.

7 There must be a lack of money in Venice for any essential things that need to be done so they decide to fine tourists for little things like making coffee, it obviously hasn't occurred to the authorities in Venice that they would make more money if they were more welcoming to tourists and didn't fine them for stupid things like making coffee, most places rely on tourism to make money, fining people for little things will only scare away the tourists.
Agreed. Except, I doubt Venice would ever run out of tourists no matter how bad the city treats them. It's just too much of a pivotal tourist attraction for people to suddenly erase it from their bucket list, and Venice's government is well aware of that. The exact reason why they let bar owners resort to these sort of tactics like charging extemely high prices for cheap stuff with no repercussion, or why the city government itself imposed a tax to enter the city using the "overcrowded" excuse. They do not care, they have nothing to lose, only to gain.

Venice is just an entitled clique of rich people seriously convinced that tourists are nothing but a nuisance, so this shouldn't be surprising at all.
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