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Default PC cheats

Hi everyone

For years, everyone thought that the PC version of TR5 doesn't have cheats. but during my decompilation project, ChocolateFan and I stumbled upon a few of them, that don't seem to be documented anywhere. so here goes!

a video:

Recorded on the Steam exe.

There are two cheats.
The first one simply unlocks the "special features" menu in the title screen. simply load any level, highlight the timex and press and hold "BITS" for a split second, then go back to the title and the special features menu will be unlocked

note: this cheat can give you all items/keys etc. in the level but only on the JP or demo exes!! it was removed from Steam/GoG exes. but on those exes you can also simply hit "I" anywhere in-game and you will get all items/keys etc. but the "I" on its own does not unlock the special features menu

The second cheat allows you to start at the beginning of any section in the game.
In the title, press and hold "FILTHY" (yes) for a split second, then (letting go of FILTHY) hit a number.
1 will load Rome
2 will load Russia
3 will load Ireland
4 will load VCI

Try them yourself

Hope you enjoy
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