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Originally Posted by gidierre View Post
first of all to circumvent that
I'd suggest they run setup at the command prompt
setting the parameter as tomb2.exe -setup
Are you referring to the usual Tomb2 setup dialog as shown above? If so, this was the first thing I advised them to do (adding -setup parameter via shortcut) but they cannot select hardware mode for whatever reason.

I've read that if you don't have a secondary (integrated) graphics card to choose from in the setup, it could potentially disable the hardware mode option due to modern graphics cards being to "new" for classic TR. Is there any truth to this?

I've suggested TR2Main (without dgVoodoo) to those with this issue, but I'm not sure if they've set things up correctly. One of them mentions having Intel UHD Graphics 620, yet they can only select dgVoodoo from the Tomb2 setup...
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