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Originally Posted by SnatchingEdges View Post
I've been a Pokémon fan until Sun and Moon, which were terrible imo and after all the drama with swsh I lost the interest in the main saga (I'll buy the game very cheap, I guess). But isn't Pokémon SwSh lacking of content? Like, not only previous pokémon, but routes, legendaries, dungeons, story... due to the game being rushed?

Why are people getting so hyped for an expansion, which is obviously pricey? I'd get it if the game was complete and polished. Why are fans all happy for payable content for a game that has no content?

I'd be angry like I was with FF15.

Just asking.
As a big fan of the series since RBY days, Sword and Shield were definitely lacking in a lot of ways. I tried playing the games with an open mind, but there are some issues that are pretty glaring. The cut Pokemon is definitely one of the biggest issues for me. Now, I wouldn't care if they only cut about 200 or so Pokemon since there some I could care less about certain ones like Unown or Luvdisc. But then they decided to cut certain Pokemon that could use some attention in favor of Pokemon that appear in every single game like Machop line, Magikarp, Charizard, etc. The lack of routes and dungeons were problematic too as you mentioned.

On the plus side, I like almost all of the new Galar Pokemon. I'd much rather see Game Freak focus on quality over quantity. The Wild Areas are fun and I like how the Pokemon roam the overworld now. And I also like how the Move Relearner is available at anytime.

There's people who say each new story addon is about 10 hours-worth.

Honestly, I'd rather this setup than a third version or another set of paired games (SuperShield SuperSword, anybody?)
I'm actually glad they went the DLC route instead of releasing a third version.The third version is usually the same game with some additional content. After Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I would rather not see them make third versions. Not sure if I'm going to purchase the DLC yet, but at least the 200 additional Pokemon are free.

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