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Explain more in depth what happens. The three windows are perfectly okay.

-TR1 Game booting(and checking for disc)
-DOSBOX config
-DOSBOX starting up.

After those do their things, all but the TR1 game one go away. The DOSBOX one full screens then closes and a Core status window will appear and the TR1 Game one will fullscreen.

This is the way it should work. What CD-ROM drive are you running it from? If it isn't the lowest letter(A lowest, Z highest) then there may be trouble connecting with the disc.
Is it giving you the "Please, insert Tomb Raider 1 cdrom and start anew." message??

You may need to mount your disc drive to another, but no need to mess with that unless you really need it. It is a simple fix, but can get annoying. xD

EDIT: To save time, I put the fix for it up for all to see!!

To mount a drive as another one so DOSBOX will read the disc:

Run DOSBOX from the install folder.

In the command console type:

mount e c:\ -t cdrom

*Where "e" is the drive your CD-ROM is really in. (mine is drive E but yours may be different)
*Where "c:\" is the drive the patch is looking for the disc. (C is the highest so I suggest it)

Hit enter and it should give you a message that "e" has been mounted as "c". Type "exit" and hit enter.

Run the TR1 exe and watch DOSBOX load up your game!

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