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Originally Posted by TheBloodRed View Post
What CD-ROM drive are you running it from? If it isn't the lowest letter(A lowest, Z highest) then there may be trouble connecting with the disc.
Is it giving you the "Please, insert Tomb Raider 1 cdrom and start anew." message??

You may need to mount your disc drive to another, but no need to mess with that unless you really need it. It is a simple fix, but can get annoying. xD

EDIT: To save time, I put the fix for it up for all to see!!

To mount a drive as another one so DOSBOX will read the disc:

Run DOSBOX from the install folder.
BloodRed, my installer from v0.1 on just self detects the correct cdrom letter
no need to mount any other drive, even if it was "right",
much less to run dosbox from the folder I make it use

what you're suggesting may generally be valid for a plain, standard dosbox installation, I say generally because the mount syntax is all wrong
but I sure won't recommend anyone to play with my setup this way, not because it's "forbidden" but because I don't expect that to be feasible/promising in the least
if anything, I suggest to try and rebuild a dosbox installation from scratch (and to a different folder)
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