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Default Xevengar's Model Edits

Download links are fixed

Hello guys, here I will be posting all the model edits that I will do from now on.

I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to give suggestions for new models!

Tomb Raider Trilogy Christmas/Winter Edition[/I]

Tomb Raider 1 + Unfinished Business

Tomb Raider 2

Tomb Raider 3

New - Xmas in Angkor Wat TRIV

Short Adventures

Horrors of Doctor Von Larsson

Seasonal/Special/Experimental Mods:

Balloon Raider (Happy Birthday TR1)

Beta/Unused Enemies

Custom Animations Test

Tr3 Lara with new animations (Openlara)

Play as Devil Lara

Play as Witch Lara

Pokemon Edition

Sims Edition

Summer Caves

Summer Raider

Tomb Raider: Summertide

Lara croft Edits:

All enemies are Lara

All Traps are Lara

Lara riding a Velociraptor (Simplified)

Play as 5 Laras

Play as Action Van

Play as Adult Link (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Play as Angel Lara

Play as Bat

Play as Beach Stroll Outfit

Play as Bear Outfit

Play as Bloody Lara

Play as Boat

Tomb Raider 2 Mod - Play as Boat TR2

Play as Bomber Jacket Lara

Play as Carlos (Peruvian guide)

Play as Cat Mummy

Play as Catsuit Lara

Play as Cobra Lara

Play as Cowboy

Play as Doppelganger

Play as Dragon

Play as Football Lara

Play as Jean Yves (Braided)

Play as Gold Lara

Play as Gorilla + Gorilla Lara

Play as Handstand Lara

Play as Helicopter

Play as Hitman Lara

Horse Statue Bike

Play as Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

Play as Kayak

Play as Lara and Alien

Play as Lara and Torso

Play as Lara's Couch

Play as Lara's Head

Play as Lara riding Lara

Play as Lara in Mario Outfit

Play as Lara in Shieldmaiden Outfit

Play as Leashed Lara

Play as Legend Lara

Play as Lumberjack Lara

Play as Male Lara

Play as Medipack Lara

Play as MediQuad

Play as Natla

Play as Nevada Outfit Lara

Play as Palm Tree

Play as Pierre

Play as Pizza

Play as old lara in a wheelchair

Play as Reboot Lara

Play as Roman Statue

Play as Skateboard

Play as Sonic the Hedgehog (with torso boss)

Play as Spider Lara

New - Play as SpongeBob

Play as Steampunk Lara

Sophia Leigh

Play as Super Lara

Play as a Tiger

Play as Tomb Explorer Lara

Play as Tony

Play as Tr3 Lara with Tr4 Head

Play as Tr3 Lara

Play as Trex

Play as Von Croy

Wetsuit Outfit

Play as Winston the Butler

Play as Wolf

Play as Wrestling Ring

Giant mutant Edits:

Winston as giant mutant

T-rex Edits:

T-rex dressed as Lara

Lost Valley Sky Edits:

Blue and Gray

Impossible Mods:

Lara Riding a Velociraptor

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