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In the file file A-SMALL SHARE May 2013/ECK NEPHILIM-5Aa.doc, from the AOD beta documents, which you can download here:, this idea is considered:
The long term story arc for both Kurtis and Lara would be fascinating to explore if they were the contemporary results of some obscure branch of Eckhardt’s breeding community experiments from the 1300s. It would explain some of their outstanding qualities and drives. Obviously the Lux Veritatis and other family trees could believably have ties with improved bloodlines branching off from Eckhardt’s improved humans experimentation.


Lara too could easily be a twentieth century product of a family line with roots deep in the dark days of medieval genetic transmogrification. Ironic eh. Good plot material though.
In this interview:, Murti Schofield (the writer of the Angel of Darkness) told more about it:
I read somewhere in your notes that there is a possibility that Lara and Kurtis have their extraordinary physical abilities because they come from Eckhardt’s genetically engineered generation of people

Hm, yes, that’s very true. How strange because I’ve hinted at this in various documents and is something I wanted, and still want, to say a great deal more about. In fact, I was also reading that document the other day. My idea of Lara and Kurtis is that they do come from unusual bloodlines. I began by thinking hard what would motivate someone in Lara’s position to do the things that she does. What would have influenced her life choices at a more profound level than simply the urge to go adventuring and shooting everything that crosses her path. I wanted to look into the inner darkness that could be driving her. I felt like there must be some deep, shadowy part of her past, as yet to be disclosed, which might link her to some ancient historic forces that have been battling in the shadows of a mythic and recorded history. That became the starting point of taking Cappadocia and angelic myths and the idea of ancient beings that might possibly be linked to her own genetic past.
That said, I am also glad that it got scrapped.

*Von Croy voice* I was never a believer in this magical hocus pocus...
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