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Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
In this case they are the same content wise. However, the Omnibus is a soft-cover version, so it is cheaper, but more prone to damage.
Originally Posted by biscuits View Post
They're more or less the same. In comics, an Omnibus collects a bunch of volumes.

Originally Posted by Grizzly Bear View Post
Good news, it just means library edition vol.2 but with a soft cover instead.
I just don't know why they completely replaced the library edition format with this new one; nevermind it will just mean that I will have a library edition and an omnibus volume.

Is the omnibus edition the same size as the library edition?
If it is, considering the 500 glossy pages (they have a considerable weight) I can imagine it is really fragile, I bet the cover gets folded really easily...
So, it's been confirmed there is no library edition at all?
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