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I mean, it is called the 'iron clapper' in her inventory. It's just a not-so-obvious pickup item, and when you first see it lying on the ground, by the broken bells, it does look like TR4/5's usual torch mesh. But when you pick it up, it's in Lara's inventory rather than being a part of her hand mesh like the torch usually is. And you can't light it either... and actually, you even have to find a torch in that level in order to burn the heart out of the tree.

Plus, if you don't pick up the clapper, the demon babies won't actually let you progress later on. Instead of a cutscene playing of Lara throwing the clapper at them, making some of them burst into dust, a different cutscene plays where they all jump on her. She doesn't die though; the cutscene just keeps repeating until you finally backtrack to find the clapper.

So you have to have that item in your inventory in order to progress. It is a bit confusing how Core structured that level, but I guess it's more confusing if you're only watching the cutscenes online rather than playing the actual game?

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