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Originally Posted by Forwen View Post
You know, once I decided to try and sum up my opinion on what's wrong with FFVII in a form of an article. So far it's got about 20 pages in MS Word

I think you shouldn't start out with FFVII because it's already a relict - something to know, but probably not to enjoy. It's a history of FF, not its present - it's got a plot full of holes (way beyond "open to interpretation"), mostly sketchy (and I believe cheap) characters, unbalanced narration, rather frustrating battle system (not as much as FFIX though). Imo starting with FFVII in this day 'n' age is like watching a film you've wanted to see for ages on a monochrome TV. Sure it's history, but it's not exciting anymore - even worse if you were convinced before that monochrome TV is the best thing that can happen to a film fan.

By the way - nope, I had no problem with a drag Why should I? This scene was actually one of the better ones in the entire game, and one of the very few moments I actually smiled. Not surprising, as first 7-10 hours if the game are in my opinion the most polished.
I see. Well, I still plan to play it (I doubt anything you say will change my mind about that ), but I'll think hard about which one to play first.

About the drag thing, I wasn't implying that you have a problem with one, I just thought that it might have been out of place. I'm not sure when and why that happens in the game though, so I just sort of jumped to the conclusion that it might have been a stupid thing that was put in the game. By "stupid thing that was put in," I mean something which leaves you thinking "Why the heck is that in the game?", you know what I mean?
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