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Originally Posted by Phlip View Post
Is there a list of all outfits with download links anywhere? Are they usable with Texmod and have to be in .tpf format?
No due to many problems using TexMod the .tpf files have never been reliable so it would do no good to offer them on the hub for download because the chances anyone could get them to work are slim. The hub currently has no download section for AOD. If they did in order to insure a mod would work from one AOD to another is to offer the entire model for each mod in the download. So few people have modded AOD that no universal modding technique has ever been accepted so the mods are difficult to organize.
I find that most people just like to look at the mods and collect them but don't really use them so normally I just post a screenshot and offer no download. If someone wants one of my creations I get it to them in the form of a complete model. The fun for me has always been in making the skins not distributing them. In fact Mokono has asked for a few I no longer had because I deleted after posting a screenshot.
If you want AOD skins there are places on the net you can find with Google the same as any game but you may find it difficult to get them to work. I've beat my brain delirious trying to make AOD modding easier but there is just no way I can see easier than my Loader program and distributing the entire model. Maybe someday the Hub will offer modded model downloads but not now.
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