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Originally Posted by SparedLife View Post
I'm liking it so far. Here's a preview.
The background is skinnable, you can actually turn everything off and just have the background scene showing if you want.
There are only a few steps to using the tool to insert a texture.
1. select a model, models can be any name you want as long as the extension remains .chr and of course the model has to be a TGA model. There is a preview screen to visually verify which model you chose no matter what you renamed it to
2. select the texture to be replaced. There is a preview screen to visually verify which texture you are replacing.
3. Select your custom texture. This can be any name you want, there is no pattern you have to follow as long as it is a 32bit TGA.
4. Click the Insert button and wait for the done.

It does check for a valid TGA model with about 90% acurracy. It won't let you load a TGA file into an original, DXT5, or DXT5 Interchangeable model by mistake.

I haven't finished the extracting part but there isn't a whole lot of reason to extract a texture. The diffuse texture and the normal texture are 1024x1024 32bit TGA and the rest are 256x256 32bit TGA.

Can't think of anything else right now that I have done on the tool.

I'll send the models your way Mokono so you can see how they look.

As for the shotgun. Three of the models do not hold the shotgun they just go through the motions. In soime of the saved game loading instances the shotgun was suspended immobile in the air.

Me wantz diz new tool

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