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On MAIN_SDL.cpp there is


I'm guessing you simply change that. Perhaps a new release configuration would do the trick as well. I've not tried that because when I set #define SKELETAL_TEST 1 it doesn't look like the levels load or anything so I guess i'm doing it wrong.

Originally Posted by Lwmte View Post
My goodness! How is that possible at all?! I posted a tweet with your video!

Anyway, seems that Dreamcast format isn't so different from PC format (when comparing to PSX, of course...). That strange ammo means they wanted to make a crossbow for TR5 as well... Cause this ammo doesn't seem like TR4 crossbow ammo.

And that strange "spiky trap" which falls from the ceiling... Not sure I've ever seen it anywhere in TRC.

Also, seems like some polygons are broken in second level... It's a miracle that it loads anyway! Great job!
Thanks for tweeting the video I appreciate it!

That's right! Dreamcast format is so close. PS1 TR4/5 formats have quite a lot of changes due to it needing to be in its most optimal form. TR1/2/3 PS1 files wouldn't be too hard to get loading. Most complex parts would be texture/audio. PS1 format is pretty known now so I could consider it but it might be a waste. I'm not sure what's causing those bad polygons will definitely investigate it!

Did you make any progress with Lara's hair?
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