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Well, I got basic principle of matrix transformation multiply from TeslaRus; it's simple in theory - you just multiply own rigid body's transformation matrix upon Lara's head transformation matrix, and you get the position for the root mesh of the hair. But it's not the thing that is actually stopping me from progress. What's more important is that in TR4-5, Core changed the way hair behaves - while in TR2-3 it looked more like a chain of rigid bodies (without rotational limits, so that's why hair meshes could go wild all by themselves), in TR4-5 they used a method which is more similar to modern age soft body dynamics. If you look closely, you will see that Lara's hair can stretch, "compress" and fall from the shoulder very "fluidly", and it's a sign that engine doesn't use constrained chain of meshes as a basis anymore; they used something more complicated.
Are you sure about that? The behavior looks the same to me. The major difference between TR2/3 hair and TR4/5 hair is the connections. In the earlier games her hair was just rectangles connected to each other via a single point at the top/bottom of the polygon, just like all her other meshes. But when TR4 came around they added code to support polygons that could bend and stretch, which they applied all over Lara in seperate meshes known as LARA_SKIN_JOINTS. They did the same thing with the hair meshes. The controlling meshes are the solid ones, just like TR2/3 but shorter and between them are stretchy polygon meshes.


R= Rigid, S= Stretch

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