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Well, it's more up to SDL2, which could support Yamaha ADPCM, but currently is not (however, it's a big plus that they at least support MS-ADPCM, which saved us a lot of time with sound engine)...

I think you should save a loader somewhere (I'll download your branch and put it into my archive of TR-related stuff, so it won't get lost), because who knows how OpenTomb will evolve in the future... Maybe we'll be able to switch level file formats or loaders, which will allow us to load levels for various platforms at the same time.

Now for the latest news!

Currently TeslaRus is rewriting render section which is responsible for correct alpha blending with multiple layers of polygons with different blending operations. That is, if you have lots of objects (or rooms) with alpha blending in scene, they will be correctly sorted by their depth related to the camera. The technique is known as BSP tree, and is very common in contemporary 3D engines (it was actually there since Quake, but Carmack and his engines were always ahead of time ). Original engine never does that, which is most obvious when you try to combine different emitters or statics with different blending modes applied - things just get wrong with different translucent objects placed in different parts of the screen - I stumbled onto this while developing blending modes patch for TR4 engine. Most common example is Lara's shadow, which seems like it's always "sits" above any other translucent faces on the screen.

So, I request someone (meta2tr, maybe? ) to create a test level with differently placed translucent statics and rooms featuring different blending modes to test out this new OpenTomb feature! I will try to create one for myself, but I'm completely not familiar with meta2tr software... And applying blending modes to TexInfos via TrTextur is a big pain!

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