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Originally Posted by Craig Michaels View Post
I noticed another problem: a number of Lara's lines are missing or wrong from the Home level.
I'm using the GOG version too and I'm experiencing similar problems.

- I'm kind-of-missing the initial music room dialogue: "OK! Let's do some tumbling." It appears if you press the jump key at some point before entering the music room, though.

- Similar to the above, "Use the D-pad to enter the music room" doesn't appear if you press the jump key before activating that voice clip trigger.

- I'm also kind-of-missing the intro to the walk button in the gym, which I solved by not stopping Lara's run before getting on platform #1.

- And I'm entirely missing the intro to vaulting onto platform #5. No idea how to activate it.

Has anybody else noticed missing lines elsewhere in the game, like say fighting Larson and Pierre, or lines from Natla's goons in Natla's Mines?
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