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Originally Posted by Gh0stBlade View Post
Hello everyone!

It's nice to see some of the latest gameplay improvements. I look forward to seeing new features from both "TeslaRus Engine" and "Edison Engine". At this point, AI desperately needs to be implemented since there's already a targeting system in-place (@TRE).

Can someone please explain what is happening to the development of OpenTomb? This situation is quite messy, there's 3 versions of the engine. I stopped working on the project after I realised Cochrane was right.

I personally feel that bad decisions have been made. We're a team, were supposed to work on this together to achieve the same goal. I get the impression that some programmers on the team did not like changes made to the master repo which caused a very silent split of the team.

It is impossible to be a mind reader. If you have an issue, you should come forward and explicitly state your concerns so as a team, it can be discussed. Communication has always been an issue... I remember the good old days when development started to pick up because we had so many people working on the project at once. At this point in time, I've no idea where the project is heading. OpenTomb should not have been abandoned. Development should have been kept in one place. I'm always happy to discuss the future of OpenTomb and help resolve some of the current issues.

I completely agree. I would love to get back on it sometimes and lend a hand, but without a single flow I wouldn't know what to do. Also, I don't quite understand the branches, isn't TeslaRus's engine the starting one, why is it not the master? Is it a fork of itself?
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