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Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
Getting this thing cleaned up was and remains a very important effort. It's not that important whether it's C++ or C99 or whatever (but not Java. And I'm saying this as a professional Java developer), as long as it clearly separates concerns, splits things into their own files with clear interfaces, and gets rid of all the duplication in so many parts of the code.

In retrospect, that's probably where we should have started,
Originally Posted by Cochrane View Post
What's a feature in that context? If it's a new file that has a clearly defined interface and consumes clearly defined interfaces, that approach can work, but in practice most things that are "features" affect code all over the place and require changes to existing functions. The approach you describe works well, but almost only, for very independent modules.
Isn't that what we actually want? I'd say we should do even more. Not only we should separate modules, but we should define an API as well. But it's not a priority right now.
Originally Posted by TeslaRus View Post
Who works with new feature have to regular make git pull master, git merge master (from master to feature_branch); After branch is tested and reviewed it merged with head;
That depends on cooperation from different developers. Nobody has access to all platforms for testing. Sometimes it's desirable to be able to work on new features early, even if those features are not ready for GA. But working with separate repositories makes it unnecessary hard for many developers.

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