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You can use AI_FOLLOW object on baddys so they work like Guides and Von Croy until you shoot on them. They're originally not able to trigger things (I mean, special things that Von Croy and the Guide could do like using switches for example), but with TRNG maybe it's possible to force an animation when the baddy reaches a certain point.
Here's what the manual says about AI_FOLLOW:
AI_FOLLOW – Baddies with this behavior are probably "goodies". To make a baddy wait for Lara to follow him to a specified point on the map, drop an AI_FOLLOW object on its block, and drop another AI_FOLLOW on the map where you want the baddy to go. Use this to get "baddies" to show Lara a switch or a secret room. If Lara attacks the baddy, he will immediately forget about the follow behavior and attack her instead (except with the Guide in “Tomb of Seth”, Lara can’t kill him and he will not attack her).
It wouldn't be a perfect solution of course, but a nice workaround if forcing the animations work correctly.
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